Preparing Global Citizens at Springfield

Springfield believes that the education of each and every child is an invaluable trust. The adminis­tration, faculty and parents are active partners in ensuring that the entire family’s experience as part of the community is a positive and lasting one. While our school has established itself as a place where academic excellence is pursued, we also desire to foster in students a global perspective and aim to develop in each child good character and sense of fellowship - the building blocks of community.

The implementation of a broad and meaningful international curriculum, commencing in early childhood, and extending through Primary and Secondary school, makes a key impact on the child. Our international education is based on building multiple skills, over and above just acquired knowledge of facts, for future implementation.

We have found that modeling Christian values posi­tively affects our students and community, creating a sense of security where all can flourish. We strive to encourage students to treat each other with care, respect and equity. A child is a true creation from influences both of the home and their learning environment; teachers play a key role, as do parents. The world today is more competitive than ever, bringing unpredictable challenges and new situations. The continuously changing global dynamics have sought and forced responsible changes upon us, and Springfield seeks to constantly adapt its educational programme accordingly.  Through our Vision, Mission, Core Values and School-wide Learner Outcomes, it is our purpose to develop students who become active, successful global citizens and leaders, guided by deeply held Christian values.