Springfield’s admissions process focuses on the needs of the applicant and the ability of the school to match those needs. All applicants for Primary and Secondary sections undergo some type of interview and entrance test process so that our staff can determine if the school is able to provide a learning environment for the applicant that fosters confidence, development and success.



To initiate the application process, please visit the relevant campus in order to complete an application.

A complete application requires the following items in addition to a completed Application Form:

  1. School Reports/Records (National as well as school-based) in Bahasa Indonesia or English, for the most recent two (2) years, including current year if available, and/or any other relevant documents or teacher letters (scanned originals or photocopies);

  2. One Passport-sized photo for each child;

  3. Identification documents of both the child and the parent(s)/guardian (scanned originals or photocopies):

    Note: for Foreign Passport holders, Springfield requires:

    - Passport

    - Working Visa / KITAS (may be submitted later, but before starting school)

Please note that applications will only be considered official once our Admissions team has received all required items.

Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child(ren) at Springfield School!



For more information on our school fees, please contact our Admissions staff.



  • Permata Buana 1 Campus     : +62 21 5835 7830
  • Permata Buana 2 Campus     : +62 21 5830 4383
  • Permata Buana 3 Campus     : +62 21 5835 2448
  • Raffles Hills Campus             : +62 21 844 7939



Please contact our Admissions Team to arrange a visit to the school. We would be delighted to meet with you in order to provide you with an overview of our programmes as well as a tour of our campus from Monday to Friday (8am - 3pm).