Spiritual and Character Building Programme

To help all our students develop spiritually and as individuals with good character and high moral standards, Springfield School integrates Christian values and character education into our international education.



Through daily devotional, Christian worldview subjects, weekly assemblies (chapel) and special events, we assist students in developing their spirituality and our Core Values. Using everyday situations and real stories, we combine topics of personal and social development, character building, morality and ethics with global perspectives. Beyond lesson time, students also find aspects of character education in group activities and through charity events, which all aim at helping them accomplish inner transformation.



Springfield students are encouraged to take part in a wide range of charity and social services programmes as they learn to become committed global citizens with compassionate hearts.

Thus far, our community outreach has involved:

  • visits to Scavenger Communities, sharing packages of basic needs such as rice, sugar, instant noodles, tea, cooking oil, milk and biscuits;
  • visits to a local school to build friendship, sharing examination packages that include 2B pencils, a ruler and eraser, and pencil case;
  • disaster relief fundraising for victims of: Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines; flooding in Jakarta and Manado, Indonesia; and volcano eruption in Sinabung (North Sumatera);
  • visits to local orphanages.

The school also makes visits to migrant schools, hospitals, concerned communities and other locales that require charity work. Springfield will be establishing ties with local charities in Jakarta, charities that support less privileged rural children or those that live with disasters or sicknesses. The school community, including staff and parents, join hands in raising funds and taking part in event co-ordination.