University and Careers Guidance

In order to meet the needs of our students and guided by our unique educational Vision and Mission, Springfield School offers its Secondary students a variety of career and university services and support through its University and Careers Guidance Office, providing our emerging ‘global citizens’ with a broad and international perspective on their university and career choices, enabling and encouraging them to consider an appropriate range of choices that match their desires, hopes, abilities and future goals.

With our students at the focus of our guidance and support, Springfield’s University Guidance Counsellor, the school’s internationally recognized and highly-regarded curriculum and the student’s parents/guardians together provide a holistic and comprehensive support structure.  From Grade 10 to 12 inclusive, we interact with, guide and support our students through the following activities and/or courses on both an individual and group basis:

  • personality and career interest profiling;
  • university admissions testing preparation;
  • individual university and careers counselling;
  • information sessions;
  • assistance to students in compiling the necessary materials required for university and college applications, and preparing transcripts and reference letters.

The Counsellor’s expertise in the application processes allows them to keep students and parents informed about the requirements for tertiary studies, the courses offered in various countries and the application processes. Visits by representatives from a wide range of universities and colleges in the Asia, the US, UK, Australia, Continental Europe, Canada, and elsewhere are arranged throughout the academic year. These visits not only provide students and parents with a chance to speak with university representatives about admission to their respective universities, but also allow students and parents to gain a better ‘feel’ for the particular university and it’s campus life.