21st century technology

21ST Century Technology

To enhance the preparation of our students, technology has become increasingly integrated into teaching as research has clearly shown the need for this approach. All Secondary students participate with their own laptops in course work, collaboration and research. With the help of Questia (https://www.questiaschool.com/) our Secondary students have one of the finest online resource libraries in the world at their fingertips.

In addition, our upper Primary students actively use Ipads in conjunction with the Apple TV’s installed in many of our classrooms. Primary students have access to their own online library and reading program (https://www.myon.com), a Mathematic skills development program online (https://www.koobits.com) as well as digital portfolios.

In addition, each campus has a dedicated IT lab with desktop PCs for classes to use (ratio 1:1) so that students will feel comfortable using Windows software and will be prepared for online examinations in the future.

Technology has also become an important part of the functioning of day to day operations at Springfield. We are the first school in Indonesia to adopt SEQTA (http://seqta.com.au), a sophisticated learning management system from Australia that will allow every student and parent to have more access to schedules, teachers and students’ marks in progress.