Class of 2019 – University Acceptance

Choosing the right higher educational option with the right major is easier said than done.


High school students are often overwhelmed by the variety of options; not to mention the confusion in choosing the right major. To make that first major life decision, students must be well prepared and well guided. The school should be able to assist each student in gaining as much information about which university is best for the major they want to enroll in as long as the student is willing to work with the school in this process. AND Springfield does this for all graduating students!


We would like to express our gratitude to God who has made everything beautiful in His time for our class of 2019. Our students will be continuing their studies in leading universities around the world. They will pursue a wide range of fields, the most popular are Commerce and STEM. As Springfield School is privileged to be part of these student’s future calling, we encourage everyone to become a distinguished learner wherever they go.