Digital Art Club

Our Digital Art Club is a safe and open-minded space for creative students to explore their interests, improve their art skills, and of course: make new friends! True to our club name, we appreciate all forms of art; be it visual, writing, photography, etc. We aim to support and help artists in any way we can!

Our Discord server is a place where you can interact, ask for tips, and share ideas, or just chill with others in the club. Additionally, we hold monthly art challenges for anyone to participate in! Our challenges range from Instagram or Twitter trends, such as the ‘Art Style Bend’ and ‘Draw This In Your Style’ challenge. But we also keep keep an eye out for art competitions or collaborations that anyone can volunteer in too!

Digital Artworks

Club meetings are held on Mondays at 3-5PM, where we would usually have class and draw together live-time. But don’t worry though, if you can’t attend, it’s okay! We’re quite flexible when it comes to helping each other out! Feel free to ask us questions or advice 🙂

If you’re interested in joining, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Instagram account: @sf.digiart

Gaby: [email protected]

Cathy: [email protected]