Dungeons & Dragons Club

The Dungeons and Dragons club is a place where you can make new friends, pave the path of your own adventure, and just have some wild fun after school!

Challenge your wit, strategic skills, and creativity as you work with your teammate to navigate through forests, fight bugbears, or haggle with the shopkeeper — the possibilities are endless! And whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, the club welcomes everyone!
Club times are flexible enough to accommodate your schedule — you can join either our Tuesday or Thursday sessions from 3-5pm! Or you can join weekend sessions hosted in our Discord server, where you can also chat, ask questions, and share your art or memes!

There are also announcements for D&D events in Jakarta and a study area for discussions across G9-G12. So if you’re trying to find a balance between school, fun, and community, this club is the right place for you!

D&D Club virtual meeting during a pandemic

If you’re interested or want to learn more, feel free to contact us!
Amelie: [email protected]
Denise: [email protected]