Eating Rights Club

During term one, we did three different fundraising events – home baked goods (cakes and cookies) and tie-dye apparel. The profit from the first two campaigns were used to distribute aid to three different orphanages, in terms of staple food for the two orphanages and school money for the third orphanage. Meanwhile through the tie-dye campaign, we distributed 40 sembako packets to street cleaners and building workers in different areas around west Jakarta.

‘Eating Rights’ is a non-profit organization started at the end of May by a group of G11 and G12 Springfield students. Our aim is to lend a hand to the less fortunate and raise awareness of hunger which is still apparent in Indonesia through fundraised campaigns and events. Although our main aim is to help with hunger, we always contact each respective orphanage to help with what they need most.  

In term two, ‘Eating Rights’ collaborated with the grade twelve Food and Nutrition class and ‘Heart of the Sea’. The four groups of F&N students sold food with their respective instagram accounts; and with HOTS (Heart of the Sea), we hosted a T-shirt design competition in which the final design will be sold as merchandise. The profits from both collaborations will be halved respectively and used for a good cause. 

‘Eating Rights’ virtual meeting

Look forward to seeing more events from us in the future, and we thank everyone who has supported us in achieving these feats so far.

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