Heart of the Sea

Written by Charlene Audrey Chow

The question stands. What separates ‘Heart of The Sea’ from numerous student clubs the school nurtures? I’d have to divide  my answer into three parts:

In spite of having initially made its debut with the aim of protecting marine life, the club has reached out to do much more, diverting focus into broader aspects of modern-world problems. The team finds interest in seeing the change, not only being the ‘small step’ towards a revolution. For instance, the club recycled more than 600 kilograms worth of paper to start off the 2020/2021 school year.

Students are giving away tote bags to online drivers

Inspired by the buzz of tote bags becoming the current craze and having read that Jakarta officially made its ban on plastic bags, the team seized the opportunity to take action. Funds were raised through the sale of canvas bags and immediately sourced back out in the form of reusable-bags, free of charge, for one of our quarantine heroes: ojol drivers. 

Also as important, we really looked into any favourable situation to gear up on our role. That said, together, we managed to give-away a total of 300 cassava-bags to numerous local businesses.

The Heart of the Sea team has devoted passion and time into creating projects of worthy-quality to publish into the world. We can only ask now, “what’s next?”

Biodegradable bags made from cassava as a substitute to plastic bags.

Instagram account: @heartofthesea.id