Kindergarten Blended Learning

By NK PB1 Campus

Finally, after a long wait … students get to come back to school!

SPRINGFIELD is proud and happy to announce that we have passed the requirements and have the permit from the government to OPEN for blended learning! It is a blessing to see our students face to face as we take our responsibility to keep them safe very seriously. 

Health protocols are applied and strictly enforced, like wearing face masks at all times, washing hands regularly, social distancing, checking temperature before entering the school building, disinfecting, and cleaning all facilities before and after use. 

Home blended at Kindergarten has allowed students, not only to learn but also to familiarise themselves with school life, teachers, classrooms, play facilities, and of course, to get to know their friends that they have only watched on-screen during full online learning. 

Kindergarten students that choose to stay at home are still able to continue their education via online learning. 

We are grateful for this opportunity of blended learning to provide our young learners the best education possible during their formative years.