Photography Club

The “Photography Club’ is a place where students alike can improve their photography skills and, at the same time, relax and socialise far from the hustles of school. This club was founded 5 years ago and has continued running ever since. Our members, though they may come from different grades, different backgrounds, and different circles get together on Tuesdays (sometimes on Wednesdays too), we all gather together and talk about photography, school, and life in general. The sky’s the limit. Sometimes we also go on trips to practice on what we learned in the club, refine our photography skills, and mostly just take a step back and relax.

This year, in the first term, we briefly discussed some basic skills such as getting the right exposure and how to compose photographs correctly. We also dabbled in the composition of portraits and practiced taking portraits of the people around us. (here we share some of the results)

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