Springfield Debate Club

Written by Richelle Lim, Debate Club Leader

‘Springfield Debate Club’ was established in 2019 with the purpose of training its members to develop themselves as speakers through the ‘World Scholar’s Cup’ debate format. After many weeks of training and simulations, the Covid-19 pandemic struck and as a result, all the global speech and debate competitions were canceled. With eagerness to improve and the willing effort to be productive, the club continued practicing without allowing the pandemic to become a hindrance. They had even taken the opportunity to spread their connections and build a community through an online debate session, with students from other high schools and universities such as Universitas Indonesia and The Institute of Social and Political Science Jakarta.

Springfield Debate Club Members

‘Springfield Debate Club’ continues to sharpen their research skills as well as their aptitude for presentations through other means such as through simulations of the Australian show ‘Shark Tank’. This particular event was called “Debating For Equity: Shark Tank Simulation”. With these prospective future leaders filling in the shoes of investors and CEOs, they marketed, designed, valued, and presented their own companies in the perspective of an entrepreneur in the competitive adult world. The simulation not only covered speech, business studies, economics, accounting, marketing, and international relations, but also the fundamental nuances of being a CEO that can only be learned through trial and experience.

Following the business presentations, ‘Springfield Debate Club’ is currently training for the upcoming ‘Model United Nations’ conference. ‘Model United Nations’ is an educational activity in which students partake in simulations and learn about diplomacy, international relations, as well as how the United Nations operates. As delegates would represent countries in these simulations, they would be able to develop and practice their research, speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to having to use their critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership skills to solve world-wide issues. ‘Springfield Debate Club’ has high aims and is looking forward to all of its future endeavours.

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