Springfield School is vaccinated

We, in Indonesia, have been part of the global outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic for more than a year now. However, since the development of a vaccine we have been given a new sense of hope in preventing its spread, along with reducing the number of active cases so that we can return to some sort of normalcy, soon. 

The beginning of 2021, Indonesia has seen vaccinations for its citizens commence. On January 13th, Indonesia began its mass vaccination with President Joko Widodo receiving the first injection as part of this vaccination program, followed by medical health workers and support staff. 

The next phase was for the elderly aged 60 or above and public workers at stations, banks, electric companies and offices that provide community services. As part of this second phase of the Covid-19 vaccination program, teachers, lecturers, market traders, religious leaders and those who work as front liners were able to receive the vaccine. This phase of the program has presented the opportunity for Springfield School to get teachers and support staff vaccinated enabling the school to create a healthier and safe working environment for all those at the school during the pandemic. 

In March 2021, Springfield teachers along with support staff registered themselves with the nearby healthcare to receive their vaccinations, both the first and second dose of the Sinovac vaccine. By receiving vaccinations, Springfield is able to provide a safe working environment along with supporting the government vaccination program in order to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. 

We are grateful that Springfield School has been able to take this opportunity with the vaccinations provided by the Indonesia government to create a secure place, not only for teachers and staff, but also for future groups of students as they are allowed to go back to school. Springfield still remains disciplined in carrying out the full health protocols such as mask wearing, washing of hands, and maintaining a safe distance between people at all times. 

It thankfully may be a new start in us combating the Covid-19 pandemic and a returning to some form of normalcy in the very near future.