Springfield School National Accreditation



Constantly improving and enhancing the quality of education has become an essential and urgent issue across the world in the past few decades, especially for 21st century education. Every school tries to provide the best education according to their context and needs. Different schools have adopted various approaches to strengthen their quality of education and learning. Indonesia as a developing country also tries to provide a quality education that is compatible with current academic needs. To improve the quality of Indonesian education, the government has established a National Accreditation Board, as an independent institution to measure school management standards and to make sure schools like ours are in line with government regulations and standards of students’ needs.


It is with some pride; Springfield School would like to announce its achievement in earning an “A” level accreditation from Badan Akreditasi Nasional (National Accreditation Agency) for Primary and Secondary Schools. The accreditation process was conducted on the 4 – 6 of December 2019 with two accessors assigned by the Badan Akreditasi Nasional.


This “A” level proves that Springfield School is a quality school in Indonesia that has a real commitment to national and international educational standards and is doing a great job in serving our students. The benefit of the “Grade A” accreditation is that it recognizes the school’s achievement through hard work and dedication. It is also a motivation for the school’s continuous improvement to advance student achievement and their confidence in the pursuit of higher education.


Springfield School, as one of the best SPK schools in West Jakarta, that was established over 20 years ago to provide quality international education and a caring and positive learning environment to more than 2000 students. Many have graduated and progressed to well-respected higher educational institutions around the world. As an SPK School, Springfield School uses Cambridge as a platform for students to study internationally.


We are very grateful that we earned an “A” accreditation and we want this accomplishment to inspire school leaders, teachers, staff and students to continue to improve and innovate in harnessing 21st century education in order to keep striving for excellence.  With our Cambridge and Indonesian accreditation complete and at the highest level, we are now looking forward to our re-accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) international team when they visit us in April. This has definitely been the year for academic accreditation!”