The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman Musical Theatre by Springfield Students

Celebrating Springfield’s 25th anniversary, students and teachers across PB3 and PB2 rallied together and produced the school’s fourth musical: “The Greatest Showman”. Each student involved, may it be those working from backstage, from the control room, or even in set design, all received the opportunity to highlight their magic under the spotlight. With over seventy talented cast members, as well as the hard work of over a hundred crew members, the production saw its premiere on the 25th of February.

Behind the scenes before the show

Leading up to the production, the main committee of the musical was formed on March 18th of 2022, with Mr. Hengky as head producer and director, Elisabeth Karen Zaini as director, Brendan Alexander as producer, and Vannessa Christa Ridwan as stage manager. As our committee grew, so did the challenges the production had to face. The first obstacle the production faced was in selecting our cast and crew members through the numerous auditions and applications received to partake in the musical. Though each cast audition was unique and spectacular, the committee was particularly amazed by several performances given throughout the workshops held throughout July last year. 

In promoting and building up excitement for the premiere of Springfield’s greatest show, our committee hosted several events throughout the year, including the cast showcase, the SF Cup X Musical fundraising booths, the Christmas Carnival, as well as the sale of our merchandise. Through these events, the school community witnessed the magic behind the scenes of our show. Though allocation of labor, scheduling, as well as promotions were some challenges our crew had to face, we overcame these issues with the guidance and support of our teachers. 

Our goal in producing this musical was not to just uphold Springfield’s biyearly school-wide event, but to also reunite members of Springfield’s community towards rejuvenating the school after three long years of online learning. We are grateful to be able to return to physical school and host an offline musical once more, and showcase the talents and the potential Springfield students possess.

We are proud to have walked through the tightrope of challenges together, and touched a million hearts through Springfield’s greatest show!